indian couple

Sebbi & Aman - Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot Venice, Italy.

I've heard a lot of people talk about Venice and how beautiful the city is. I was actually mesmerised with the architecture and views of this amazing place. The rush of the city can be compared to Central London at 5pm so I knew from the start this was going to be a challenging shoot. 

Our first shoot was Sunset, so I knew the only way to get the sunset peaking through the building was to heading over to San Marco Square and getting a Gondola to take us as far as we could into the Grand Canal. 

With Grand Canal being one of the main water ways in Venice, the water was EXTREMELY choppy and if you've ever been on a Gondola, you'll know that it's all about weight distribution to stop the Gondola from rocking side to side. 

Having nearly had a few man over board situations, we managed to get a beautiful set of images in about 45 minutes which I was really proud of. 

Even with the sun set, Venice still didn't die down so I knew a Sunrise shoot at 6am was the only option.

Arriving at San Marco Square at the crack of dawn with the sun just about to rise in the distance, I saw a perfect spot to shoot which I wasted no time in utilising. Even with a tourist waiting with a tripod to capture the sunrise from the spot I wanted to shoot, I quickly posed the couple and totally ignored the shouting while I began to take some photos pretending I couldnt hear anything. 

The sunrise was extremely quick just like the sunset, this shoot lasted just over an hour but was a pretty tough shoot as I had no assistant to help with light so i was juggling my framing, lighting and posing all at the same time from a distance.