Amrit & Arundeep - Wedding Reception Party, Ditton Park Manor, Slough

After shooting Amrit and Arundeep’s stunning Indian wedding ceremony which took place in a marquee at their residence, I was preparing myself for what was to come…

After shooting Arundeep’s brothers wedding the year before and photographing Amrit & Arundeep’s pre-wedding parties, I knew the dancefloor was going to be on fire! (Especially because Arundeep had 3 mental pre parties!)

As soon as the couple walked in, the party was ready to start. Amrit’s family took over the dance floor even before the couple had reach the cake and you could see Arundeep’s family itching to join in.

Kudo’s Rajeev B provided the magic behind the decks and here’s how it went down!  

Venue: Ditton Park Manor, Slough
Dj: Kudo - Rajeev B (B Famous)
Videography: Chaz Fliy