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“Satnam thank you ever so much for everything over the past week, in fact the last few months. We already knew you were an incredible photographer but had no idea just how much more value you bring outside of taking pictures and editing. In a week filled with so many cultural ceremonies it is so easy for a bride and groom to get a little lost in all of the complexities which takes away from the true meanings of the wedding.

What you did for us was to take full control of these complexities and made everything just so easy and simple which allowed us to do something which we didn’t think was possible and that was to just have fun throughout the wedding week. Your energy, enthusiasm and natural talent was actually a pleasure to witness and at times we were in awe of every minute we spent with you. When you work with someone with the focus and drive you have along with your ability to spot a crucial photo opportunity is amazing. For me this is what truly sets you apart and I can see why everyone is so keen to want to work with you.

Satnam thank you ever so much for everything you have done for me and Jay, you made us feel at ease from the first moment of the wedding right until the very end. Lots of love Suk & Jay”

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