Nav & Priya - Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot in Salzburg, Austria

Nav and Priya came to me wanting every bit of their wedding captured because they valued photography and knew how much it plays a crutial part to their wedding memories. They decided they wanted a destination shoot in Austria and with this actually being my first destination shoot, I was super excited to get started. The first day consisted of searching for locations. Me and my assistant hired a car and drove from Salzberg down to Berchesgaden which is a nation park that borders Germany.

Must I say, the drive was easily the most beautiful journey I’ve ever taken. The surrounds were insane. We saw emerald green rivers flowing right besides us to heading in between huge snow covered mountains.

Having done our research, we knew exactly where we wanted to go check out for potential shoot locations and with the time of the year, most of the locations were empty due to no tourists visiting the area in winter.

Once Priya and Nav had arrived, we headed to Gollinger Wasserfall for our first shoot. We thought it was an extremely clever idea to start shooting on active railway. This was until police turned up, shouted at us in a language we didn’t understand, so we packed up as quick as we could and left the scene before we got arrested.

Fast forwarding to my favourite photo of the shoot. We actually wrapped up shooting on the last day and were heading back to the hotel. On the drive back, where the roads were pitch black, we turned a corner and looked up and saw a ton of stars in the sky which was a view I don’t think any of us had ever witnessed. I knew I had to get a photo of this so we jumped out the car and took a few minutes to get the photo I wanted. I assure you, every star and shooting star you see in the image is real and not photoshopped!