Sebbi & Aman - Sikh Wedding Ceremony, London

Following on from Sebbi and Aman’s Pre Wedding Shoot, I had the pleasure of shooting their wedding after having such a fun time for their destination pre wedding shoot in Venice.

With Sebbi being a photographer, the pressure was on to get something different for the wedding coverage. With Sebbi and Aman being dedicated Sikh’s, they conducted their stunning Sikh wedding ceremony (Anand Karaj) at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Hayes.

The day started off with perfect weather; clear blue sky’s with the sun beaming down on us which is rare for wedding photography in London. As perfect as the weather was, it made shooting anything outside extremely challenging (here’s where it gets technical).

With the highlights of the image being so light and the shadows of the images being so dark, it was tough trying to balance them both to make the picture not too bright/dark and to ensure I had enough detail in the image to balance it properly in post production.

Luckily, me being a Nikon user, the Nikon D750 is absolutely amazing in retaining details in shadows and with the incredible dynamic range (amount of colour information a camera can store) I was able to capture all the detail of the image using the histogram while shooting then edit the images to bring back everything I needed.

With a lively groom entrance, the rest of the day followed with smiles and laughter and beautifully calm wedding ceremony which the couple truly deserve.